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COVID-19 Sampling Protocols

The following materials are required and may be provided for you to prepare for tastings while following social distancing guidelines. 

Gloves and face masks are mandated when collecting all materials in the account:

  1. New Gloves (Brand Ambassador must provide)
  2. Face Mask (Brand Ambassador must provide)
  3. Plastic Pourer
  4. Plastic tasting cups
  5. Plastic/paper spit cups (if applicable)
  6. Disinfectant Spray
  7. Paper Towels
  8. Plexiguard portable shield (optional depending on type of tasting and account)
  9. Garbage Can
  10. Hand Sanitizer (Brand Ambassador must provide)
  11. Social Distancing Floor decals surrounding tasting location
  12. Ice (if necessary)

Tasting Set-Up

  1. Brand Ambassadors must complete a COVID-19 waiver the MORNING OF THEIR EVENT. 
  2. Brand Ambassadors must arrive at the account 30 minutes prior to starting time and check in with the manager on duty. 
  3. All Brand Ambassadors are required to wear NEW gloves and mask for their duration of their time in the account. 
  4. As a representative of M&G, each Brand Ambassador must act and dress professionally and may not consume algohol on site.
  5. All products should be purchased or picked up before start time and Brand Ambassadors should start promptly at confirmed time. 
  6. Brand Ambassador must prepare sampling area before beginning their sampling by cleaning/disinfecting area and bottles using disinfectant spray and paper towels. 
  7. Open each bottle to be tasted and add plastic pourer.
  8. Brand Ambassador must conduct tastings only where Plexi Glass Shield is placed (if applicable)
  9. Sampling cups and spit cups (if applicable) must remain covered in a plastic sleeve, if possible. 
  10. Confirm hand sanitizer and garbage can are placed at a convenient location for consumer use. 
  11. A trash can should be placed on the front side of the table for consumers to dispose of items. 

Conduct Samplings

  1. Check ID’s for any consumers that appear to be 30 years old or younger by having them show their ID through the shield. 
  2. The Brand Ambassador, standing behind the Plexi Glass shield will pour the product into the plastic sampling cups as each consumer approaches the tasting area, fill ¾ of the cup (or the # of ounces specified by your state’s liquor sampling laws)
    1. DO NOT pre-pour samples
    1. DO NOT let pour spout of pourer touch the sampling cup
    1. DO NO touch the rim of the sampling cup
  3. Do no hand a consumer a sampling cup. Please on the sampling table for the consumer to take.
    1. Offer paper spit cup to consumers who do not want to consume. 
  4. Consumer discards their own sampling cup in the garbage can placed in front of the sampling area. 
  5. Consumers should not reuse a sampling cup.
  6. Consumers should be directed to lift mask only during sampling portion. 
  7. Sanitize and wipe down sampling area frequently between consumers. 

Post-Sampling Clean Up

  1. Disinfect sampling area thoroughly.
  2. Discard any used product
  3. Check out with manager. 
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