Makeup Artists

For the most stunning and dynamic team in the industry, call Michele & Group, Inc. Modeling & Talent Agency. In addition to representing the best models in the business, we represent makeup artists that are true artisans. Our makeup artists are ideal for any type of advertising campaign. Whether you are planning a high fashion shoot with avant-garde makeup or a lifestyle shoot that would appeal to June Cleaver, our makeup artists can place the finishing touches that create the image you are trying to portray. Makeup can do far more than enhance the beauty of our models – it can change the entire look, feel and dimension of your ad.

At Michele & Group we understand the essential role that a makeup artist plays in ensuring that all of the models or actors look their part for a print shoot, promotional event, music video, commercial, television episode, etc. We only work with the best in the business, true professionals that are experts in their craft. Our offices are located throughout the country so whether you have a shoot in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas, Memphis, Boston or D.C., we have you covered.

We also represent photographers, male models, female models, and child models. When combined with makeup artists, our booking agents can put an entire team together for your next advertising campaign. All you need to do is show up with wardrobe and your company’s products to have a fully realized advertising campaign.

To get started call 386-676-1702, and speak with one of our booking agents.