Promotional Models

If you are ready to stand out from the competition, hire Michele & Group promotional models. Whether you are planning a launch party, corporate event, attending a trade show, sponsoring a community event, planning a concert, or promoting your new product line – our promotional models can add the dynamic energy you need to make a lasting impression. Imagine twenty of the most stunning and attractive female models or male models walking around in your gear, using your products, handing out samples and engaging the crowd. Instantly your launch party or tradeshow will go from average to the hottest event in town. Our promotional models know how to work the room and get the crowd excited to discover the many benefits of your products. When trained, they can even conduct product demonstrations or answer basic questions about what you do or what you are offering. This means that your sales team will be freed up to answer more in-depth questions, gather prospect information, and most importantly – close sales.

Our promotional models can instantly expand your team and do so in a spectacular fashion. If you are spending money to be at a tradeshow or convention, do not risk your product or booth blending in with the business nextdoor. When using our promotional models, you can be certain that your brand will capture attention, and everyone will be talking.
This will help to increase your return on investment as your sales team get in front of people and captures more leads. Even if you are throwing a fun launch party, our promotional models can give your company an air of success and bring a vibrant energy to your event.

To book our promotional models, search here or call 386-676-1702 to speak with a booking agent at Michele & Group, Inc. Modeling & Talent Agency.