Lifestyle Models

lifestyleWhen looking to create a wholesome or active image for your brand, call Michele & Group, Inc. Modeling & Talent Agency. Our lifestyle models are just as comfortable going for a run as they are coming home to mom and dad, starting their first day of college, or surfing the waves in sunny California. With over 1,800 lifestyle models nationwide, we can provide the face for your next advertising campaign and match the skills and talent you need with the specific campaign. Whether you are shooting a mountain bike commercial, advertising boating accessories, featuring families enjoying the great outdoors, etc., we have the talent necessary to bring your vision to life.

At Michele & Group, we understand how dynamic, energized and fast-paced lifestyle shoots can be. That is why our booking agents will work with you to narrow down your exact specifications to ensure that the lifestyle models you work with will not only match the image that you have in mind but also personify the personality and energy of your brand. Our female, male, and child models are captivating on film and will create a memorable impression that allows you to stand out from the crowd.

If you need to shoot on location and have a short window of opportunity, we can make it possible to do so. With photographers, makeup artists and lifestyle models throughout the country, we can help you to launch a shoot in Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Tampa, Atlanta, New York and more with little notice. That way you can capture the first sunrise of summer, the leaves falling on an idyllic bike trail or any of the natural seasonal changes that make outdoor lifestyle shoots so compelling.